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Hello, sorry for the long waiting. Some of the summer release items are sold out during IFDC 2008, so I have to restyle and redress the dolls. The result comes out pretty good too. Here are some of our new items used in Summer 2008 release fashion. To puchase them, please visit our store at www.jenniferdolls.com

Yoga pants is pretty hot. The pants is $9.

Agnes loves to practice Yoga. 

In this set of outfit, Yellow T-shirt and Red Houndstooth Shorts, and Red Tote are new.

 I ran out of most of our cami, so I used a Barbie cami in this set. If you have purchased one of JS tank/cami before, it should looks equally good as this one.

$20 now.

Denim short boots : $12 per pair

3-tone short boots : $12 per pair.

3-tone short boots 

You see? The short boots can be worn with or without socks. Our short boots fit all type of 12 inch girls, Barbie, FR(Tall or Shorter ones) and Joe Tai.

Our tallest boots so far. It's above knee length. Our price: $18

Laceup short boots is very trendy. It will make your dolls look very trendy. 


2008 IFDC Part Three: Party Craziness

Enjoy the party, enjoy the fun. That's all about IFDC.

Themed tables:


  Jennifer dolls were the centerpiece dolls for this dinner.


 Costumes in IFDC were fabulous.

 Left: Irene.

 See the snake?

 The salad was excellent.

 Fruit Tea. This fruit tea contains apple, berries and many other fruits. And the best thing is it's decaf because I cannot drink regular tea at night.

 This is the tea bag, just in case you are curious what tea it is.



 Somebody redressed a FR doll with JS fashion. He/she put it on a dinner table, I happend to see it and took the picture:-)

 Our table number is 28.

 Something I won:-) I won it becuase I didn't win anything (difficult to understand? That's our table secret, haha...)