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FR girls in JS clothes

 JS grey cardigan, still available at www.jenniferdolls.com

Hi, haven't posted for a long time. I just found I have a bunch of photos with girls dressed in JS brand clothes. I don't remember where I got them(I think some of them are from Amber's flickr, some are from somewhere else, if you don't want me to post in this blog, please email me at info@jenniferdolls.com) Thank you for the nice photos.

 JS one-shoulder dress, JS silver buckle belt, JS black/white stripped stockings.

The quality of the photos are amazing. It's so professionally done.

 JS leopard patterned hat and jacket, black one-shoulder top, gold belt, hunchtooth skirt and red boots.

 JS one-shoulder top, leopard pattern belt, black stockings and leopard boots.

 JS hand-knit hat, red hand-knit cardigan.

 JS black shoulder-strapped skirt.

 JS skirt, b/w stripped stockings and black wedge pump.

My Misaki got a new fancy hairstyle

Summer blue Misaki

Orignally designed and developed by Jason Wu, Misaki was a FR doll made for Japanese market. A sweet girl with a wardrobe every teen wants, Misaki has won many collector's hearts.

My summer blue Misaki has a sweet look with simple ponytail hairstyle, she attracted me as soon as I laid my eyes on her.  The more I looked at her, the more I loved her. I have owned her for like two years, and finally I decided to give her a new look. I asked Ayuki, an talented boy who is still in high school , who I met in international convention, who make gorgeous beautiful clothes and accesssories for dolls, to redo a hairstyle for my Misaki.
After exchanging many times email, Ayuki first restyled her with a side bun. Here are photos.
 Isn't her beautiful. I liked this hairstyle very much.
 I told Ayuki, yes I want it.
But he decided to make something more fancy.
 Wow, this is beyond the words. She looks so much more gorgeous than in photos.
Thank you, Ayuki. I am sure you will become big someday.
By the way, I found the gorgeous Chinese actress Tang Wei was once in Jason Wu's black on white floral dress.


2009 Winter Release - Smile, Be Happy!

Is Winter colorless? on the contrary, I see more colors especially bright colors in winter. Snow is white and bright. Evergreen is green. Season's greeting cards are bright red, green and gold. Houses are decorated with festival of lights. Homes are decorated with colorful holiday plants. Who said winter is colorless? I love this season. It's a season of holidays. It's a season  full of holiday music and songs, smiling faces and warm hearts. Let's forget worries, smile, be happy! Let's celebrate.

Smiley Face dress with ruffles: price $12.
                                 Super Fit Slim Jean: $18
                                 Denim short boots: $12
I love this set. This set when is on Erin, she looks better than the pictures shown here.

Smiley face dress with ruffles has 5 color combinations. All lovely looking. Please smile back to them:-)
They are twin. Perfect dressed identical, yet not exactly the same. Right side Erin, white smiley face off-shoulder dress.
 off-shoulder smiley face dress. Stretchable knit fabric, fits many different size body. Grab one before they are all gone.
Grey stripped top: $9
                           Denim Vest: $8
                           Denim skirt: $8
                           keen-high socks: $6
                           denim short boots: $12
There are 7 color choices for the top, I am sure you can find some color you like.

Off-shoulder black/white stripped top: $9
                            Thin belt with center flower: $6
                            Tights: $6
                            white tote: $8
                            gold flower pump: $14
 off-shoulder black/white stripped top, and off-shoulder red/white stripped top. Aren't they cute?

off-shoulder red stripped top: $9
                                denim vest: $8
                                tan shorts: $9
                                dark chocolate socks: $6
                                black laceup short boots: $15
                                silver waist buckle belt: $5
white crop top: $7
                            grey scarf: $10
                            gold buckle belt: $5
                            denim skirt: $8
                            grey stripped tights: $6
                            green/red socks: $6
                            black/white toe laceup shoes: $9

White hoodie: $9
                                 multi-color top: $9
                                red long necklace: $8
                               little puppy: $10

She looks really fabulous.
                                   black hand-knit cardigan: $25
                                   white sleevelss shirt: $12
                                   black wide waist belt: $9
                                   Super fit slim jean: $18
                                   black boots: $15

On the right, Eugenia wears : 
                                                scarf : $8
                                                red denim vest: $8
                                                dark chocolate stockings: $6
                                                tall boots: $18

Two-tone top: $9
                                      cross-shoulder bag: $8
scarf, black turtleneck, thin waist belt, 3-tier skirt: $12

Black bow necklace: $8
                                              pink stripped dress: $9
                                              black knee-high socks: $6
white smiley face dress with ruffles: $12
                                thin belt: $5
                                white flat shoes with front bow: not available now.


I just purchased this Fashion Royalty Madame Pompadour Wig - snow disco. I always love platinum white hair on dolls, and the big curly hair plus snow white color is more stunning. In this photo, Natalia Fatale wears this wig along with JS brand little white dress and white sandals.

Gilles' photos

Gilles sent me the pictures. She used JS clothes and shoes to dress FR dolls. It's nice to see the same set of clothings on different dolls. I think different dolls bring out different characters. Gilles is going to a convention in Germany becasue she lives in France. She told me how she wished to come to FR convention because she is such a FR doll fan. She will bring her dolls to the doll convention in Germany. I am sure she will have lots of fun in the convention. I wish I could be there:-)