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New Arrivals - Fabulous Shoes

Oh, I love these shoes for 12 inch girls. I adore them. They are fabulous! I wish I can take better photos because they do look better than photos.

Christian louboutin Style shoes wore on Barbie Silkstone. It's a good fit.

Christian Louboutin Style shoes wore on FR2. It's a good fit. The right feet is not perfect fit, but it's ok.

Christian louboutin Style shoes wore on regular FR dolls. It's a bit too large for regular FR, but the shoes are not too loose either. They stay on the feet. So they can be worn by regular FR as well.

Christian Louboutin Style shoes wore on Misaki doll. It's a good fit on Misaki.

As you can see, this shoe size is very versatile. It fits lots of 12 inch fashion dolls. Below are the same style with different color, all used Misaki feet.

The above shoes are available now and each pair is $15. They will be soon available on our website. If you can't wait, please email us at and specify colors, quanities, and styles. We will send you a paypal invoice to pay.

Don't go yet. There are more exciting styles for you to pick.

Wedge Pump wore on Barbie Silkstone's feet. Its an excellent fit on her. Our metallic brown wedge pump is sure to please your girls.

Wedge pump on regular FR dolls. Please note, this doesn't fit Misaki or FR2.

Our laceup calf boots are so popular, we got more colors besides basic black and white.

black laceup calf boots.

brown laceup calf boots.

moroon laceup calf boots. Note, it's not a red color, it's moroon, a deep red color. Beautiful color.

white lace up boots.

Again, if you want to order shoes. Please email me at Please specify colors, styles and quantities. I will send you a paypal invoice. Thanks for looking.
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