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New Released 2010, preview here

We have new and older released clothings/accessories for FR dolls. The pictures below shows you each set, a set includings clothings, shoes and other accessories. When buying a set, you will set a good deal than buying each individual piece. To buy them, please email to use at sales@jenniferdolls.com
The shipping will be $2 flat rate for your order. Please double click each individual picture to view bigger picture.

Super Skinny Set: $45. Set includes shirt, belt, jean and shoes. Note, our skinny jean is very very popular and very limited quantities, it will be sold out very soon. Please ack quick for this set.

Crop Top + Skirt Set: $29. You save significant if you buy a set.

Red Stripped dress set: $26

Two-tone RB top set: $20

Long Qipao set: $25

Green Skirt Set: $32

White Smily Face Set: $28

Black Coat Set: $52

Red Smily Face Set: $28

Blue Dress Set: $20

Black Smily Dress Set: $18

Red Stripped Top set: $36

Black Coat 2 set: $49

Multi-color Top Set: $26

White Coat Set: $59