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FR dolls in JS clothings

These photos are taken by Iveta. She took fabulous photos. These photos are orignally taken for FDR fashion doll magazine. I've written the first two paragraph of the story, but decided later to give it up because I don't want to confuse people with real MB girls's stories from Integrity Toy Inc. MB is Integrity Toy Inc. Jason Wu's dolls. I used a lot of them to model our JS line. As matter of fact, our JS line are designed mainly for them.
For photos below has our past collection of JS clothings and accessories. Some of them might still be avaialbe, but most of them are gone. These photos were taken in May, 2008.

Here is the story I wrote:
Erin S – A Supermodel’s Story
Grew up in Las Angeles, Erin S, a 18 years old teen supermodel of W’s Cosmetics, has been featured on the cover of many magazines. Erin’s determination to succeed takes her to the catwalks of Paris and New York. Many people only see a model’s super glamorous life, they have very little idea of what’s behind their success. For instance, How many effects have they put? Erin told FDQ editor she had come a long way to get to the top. She spoke to FDQ editor about how she started her career in the modeling industry. How she met Eugenia Frost, a supermodel of European Cosmetics Company. She was luck that she met the right people at the right time. Her story was fascinating. We FDQ certainly hope Erin’s story will be inspiring to those of you who want to become the next supermodel.

Here is Erin’s narration:

Before I was discovered by Eugenia Frost, I had been to various modeling competition and training programs. I believe opportunities are given to those who are better prepared. I’ve had lots of experience before my most important competition - a competition as a teen model for a teen magazine. It became the turning point of my career. Instead of becoming a teen model for a teen fashion magazine, I started at a higher level, thanks to Eugenia Frost, an English supermodel. She discovered us in the competition and brought Colette, Ayumi and me to Europe and soon with our beautiful fresh faces; we became a successful Model Behavior team.

Above are just rough writing. Following the two paragraph, I thought to write what Erin S and other girls did for the comptition and what clothing they chose to wear, that will bring out JS clothing.

This entire set is no longer available.