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2008 IFDC Part Three: Party Craziness

Enjoy the party, enjoy the fun. That's all about IFDC.

Themed tables:


  Jennifer dolls were the centerpiece dolls for this dinner.


 Costumes in IFDC were fabulous.

 Left: Irene.

 See the snake?

 The salad was excellent.

 Fruit Tea. This fruit tea contains apple, berries and many other fruits. And the best thing is it's decaf because I cannot drink regular tea at night.

 This is the tea bag, just in case you are curious what tea it is.



 Somebody redressed a FR doll with JS fashion. He/she put it on a dinner table, I happend to see it and took the picture:-)

 Our table number is 28.

 Something I won:-) I won it becuase I didn't win anything (difficult to understand? That's our table secret, haha...)